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When it comes to securing your passwords, paranoia is a good thing. With industrial strength 128 bit AES encryption, Easy Peasy Passwords™ can keep your sensitive passwords, pin numbers, names and addresses stored away from prying eyes. Security is one thing you can't afford to 'do tomorrow'.
If you're evaluating password storage software, make absolutely sure it uses the 128 bit AES encryption standard adopted by governments world wide. Don't trust your data to anything less.

Easy Peasy Passwords isn't just another password program. It's a secure personal data store. All those vital bits of information you need, names addresses, phone numbers, notes etc., can all be stored in Easy Peasy Passwords, you choose which are hidden from view and they're all securely locked away using a single password.
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Security isn't an option, it's a necessity, don't wait until the horse has bolted. Get Secure with Easy Peasy Passwords NOW. Single user price: 17.67USD.
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